Anglican Resources for Christian Discipleship

Tracing the storyline of Jesus from the womb all the way to the tomb

Discovering the Word made flesh

prophecy... birth... death... resurrection

An exciting discipleship experience from Advent to Easter

womb2tomb is an exciting new resource and new way to trace the storyline of Jesus with other Christians using digital means. Starting with foreshadows in the Old Testament, glimpses in the Psalms, and the announcement of the prophets. Then onto the surprise message of the Angel Gabriel, the encounter between Mary and Elizabeth, the Shepherds, the Stars, and then, the birth!

womb2tomb will follow the lectionary readings in Church on a Sunday. A sort of extended ‘nine lessons and carols,’ taking place over many weeks.

In the New Year, we study the Epiphany, the dedication of Christ in the Temple, the wilderness temptation, miracles, and then, the death of Jesus.

But, we don’t stay there. We study, ponder, and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus – from the womb, all the way to the tomb.

womb2tomb is an immersive discipleship experience. What you learn on a Sunday at Church will sync with the video devotion on a Monday morning, the virtual gathering midweek and your daily Bible reading. The theme of a Sunday sermon will not stay at the Church door as you leave, you'll take it with you, pray midweek, discuss with others, and apply it daily.

Rev. Damian Platt



Seven components to keep you connected to God and each other

Virtual Village Hall

A weekly online gathering of Christians using the Zoom platform. With a choice of daytime and evening groups and led by a Faith Coach. One hour to study the Bible, explore faith and discover the wonder of Jesus from his entry into human life to his power over human death.

Book your Virtual Village here.

Digital Prayer Pod

Be carefully matched to two or three other Christians also taking the course, to support each other through prayer. Meet every week online at a set time and day for 30 minutes.

Virtual Armchair

Each morning, a devotional 2-minute video will be released to accompany your personal quiet time of Bible reading and prayer.

Available to watch anytime from 7am onwards, the devotional video will tie into the Bible readings for the day and will help you connect with God and grow in faith.

Bespoke Digital Reading Plan

A bespoke Bible reading plan to help you in your walk with God. You choose how long you want to read for and change at any time.

Faith Coaching

One to one online support – ask questions about Bible passages, share a prayer request, read the Bible together.

Virtual Community Centre

A monthly coming together of all the weekly virtual villages, for teaching, worship and prayer.

Virtual Glamping

A virtual 1-day holiday at home in the Easter holidays to culminate the end of the womb2tomb course.