Anglican Resources for Christian Discipleship

Biblical Resources

Biblical Resources

Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

The truth as revealed to us in the canonical books of the Holy Scriptures, the teachings of the ancient Fathers, the Councils of the Church, the historic Creeds, the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, The Book of Common Prayer, and the Ordinal. Classically evangelical, catholic, orthodox and reformational.

The one true story

At the heart of is a desire to see people meet Jesus in his Word. To see the whole story line of the Bible as one over-arching story of salvation. To see Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Digital Resources

Digital Resources


Downloadable, free to use, and live, expanding resources. Resources which are changeable and adaptable and the methods of delivering them will be relevant to the present need. They may be used once or just for a few months and then replaced by something better and more relevant to the next need. At the heart of is embracing new methods of discipleship which were not in our think tanks less than a year ago.


More than that, whereas we’re used to discipleship courses which meet weekly or fortnightly in a building, with some optional study at home in between, will have resources which immerse the disciples in the topic and material.


Daily devotions by video which relate to the theme of the material, weekly livestreamed teaching, real-time comments and questions, the use of mobile apps, online bible reading plans, virtual prayer triplets, webinars, online conferences.

Anglican Resources

Anglican Resources


In beat with the church calendar, the resources where possible sync with the seasons, Principal Feasts, and Principle Holy Days as per the Lectionary and traditions of the Church of England.


Fully embracing the rich Anglican and Reformational heritage of catechesis. For adults and children.  But rather than a stand-alone catechism module or course, catechisms can be an integral year-round part of all the resources and courses, thus building into everyday discipleship the important tool of catechesis for Christian instruction.

Theological resources will seek to integrate the 39 Articles of Religion, ensuring they don’t become a relic but a real, useful, familiar tool for knowing what we believe and why we believe it.

More than being integrated, they will be an integral part of each resource, in the hope that the biblical truths contained in the Prayer Book, the Articles and the Collects will come alive and become familiar.